Types of payment gateways

Payment gateway is a method of securing a smooth transaction with sort of a merchant account UAE which is helping ecommerce sites to process the payment through credit cards and different payment methods. There are a few different types of UAE payment gateway which can be used in different situations to help out with different transactions. All these types are mentioned below:

  • Redirects

This is the simplest type of payment gateway which can be extremely useful for small businesses and merchandise as they will not be able to incorporate an expensive one. The problem with this redirected payment gateway is that it will give lesser control to the retailer and a little longer process for the customers to go through. This works in such a way that the step of payment would redirect the customers to a well established payment gateway such as PayPal. This next payment gateway will handle the rest of the work.

  • Processed on site, handled off site

This is another type of gateway payment in which you will be able to handle the payment simply but like the redirected payment gateway you or the site establishing this payment gateway will not be entirely able to control the process and user experience as this all would be handled somewhere else. What happens in this payment gateway is that the whole process will be carried out on site including the credit card number which would not be collected on site but instead passed onto the third party software which will handle this sensitive information. The biggest advantage of this is that the site itself won’t have sensitive information but instead the gateway will encrypt it all.

  • On site payment

As suggested by the name, this whole process is carried out on site and transactions also happen on the server itself. This is usually used by high scale businesses that are running a large ecommerce store with self payment handling. Now because there isn’t any other payment gateway involved the responsibility doubles as you are going to be responsible for each and every penny. When you will be taking care of payments on such a magnums scale it is also essential that you understand all your options of payment gateway.

Understand these options correctly and make a smart decision because you will be taking over a huge responsibility.